About AutoLaw

AutoLaw provides motor legal advice in the UK

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 has greatly empowered the consumer by implementing numerous protections and additional obligations on traders. While good for the consumer, this has caused a great deal of confusion and controversy among motor industry traders. For example, are you completely clear when a customer can invoke their automatic right to a refund under the ’30 day’ rule? Also, do you know what ‘repair’ obligations are and how many opportunities you get to rectify an issue before a refund has to be issued?

Furthermore, how will you handle complaints from customers due to the so called ‘toxic charges’ which are on the horizon? This places an obligation on drivers of older diesel and petrol vehicles to pay a charge when driving into certain cities. These are the types of issues that our expert team at AutoLaw, led by one of the leading authorities on the Consumer Rights Act, can advise you on.

Our team at AutoLaw can also advise on other key legal issues that can commonly affect those in the motor trade as listed below.

Key Legal Issues Within The Motor Trade Industry:

  • Health & Safety this is all inclusive making this exceptional value for money.
  • Manufacturers liability
  • Franchise agreements
  • Trade description
  • Trading Standards enquiries
  • Finance arrangements and customer credit
  • Restitution

AutoLaw offers legal support and representation

In addition to our legal advice and because AutoLaw is a law firm registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, we can also provide legal support and representation in the courts and tribunals. Auto traders and dealerships can take advantage of AutoLaw’s membership packages which offer services to cater your needs. For Silver and Gold package members, motor legal advice and support is provided at a greatly reduced rate. For Platinum members this support is all inclusive making this exceptional value for money.